Shelled Socks

I completely ripped out a sock I was knitting to crochet this shelled stitch sock. It took several attempts to make this sock to get it where it would fit my foot. The sock is made out of worst weight yarn. The yarn in Bernet Camouflage. The sock turned out o.k. I usually try not to make to many socks out of worst weight yarn as it is not too comfortable in shoes. But the worst weight sock works great as slippers or I where them with my sandles. The pattern stitch I used for this sock is 5 sc in a stitch. When working in rounds I would put 5 sc in the third stitch. The heal, foot and toe are based on instructions in the "Learn to Crochet Socks" book from the American School of Needlework. Not sure if you can still find this book, it was published in 2000.


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