Star Stitch Sock

This sock is still work in progress for me, it is another stab at making a sock thatis both crocheted and knitted. I used Cascade's Fixation to make this sock. It is crocheted along the top and knitted along the bottom

I used the star stitch pattern for this sock:

On a separate side note, I fiquared out how to add my Avatar to my blog, I still have a lot to learn about this site.


  1. This looks very good. I am not sure I understand though-have you crocheted the instep and knitted the sole?

  2. The toes, the sole, heel, back of the leg, and cuff are all knitted.

    I crocheted a peice about 8 inches long, picked up 23 stitches (24 total) and started to work on the toes and sole ataching it the crocheted peice as I work my way back up to the sock. I plan to write a pattern for this sock.


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