Completed Purse

I completed my purse involving the magic loop method. Overall it turned out o.k. It felted down to a little smaller that I would of liked it. I also decided to use the afghan stitch for the handle. This was a mistake, I don't like how the handle of the purse folded in half after it felted.

What I did to make this purse was I first made the flap. I went with 40 stitches. I don't remember how long I made the flap, maybe about 6 inches. When I was ready to go onto the body of the purse, I added on 40 more stitches. The I proceeded working in continuous rounds using the magic loop method. I discovered the my stitches on the body turned out tighter than on the flap. Once I got the length I was happy with, I closed up the bottom of the purse with the kitchener stitch.

I thought it would be interesting to make the hand with the afghan stitch. This was not good idea as the handle folded in half. I should of stuck with knitting the handle.

Once I attached the handle to the purse, I did a row of single crochet around all the exposed edges of the purse.


  1. actually commenting on your sock poll. thanks for the patterns, but i simply CANNOT make two identical things!! i envy those who can. thanks for the patterns.
    jd in st louis

  2. Usually, most people knit tighter than they purl, so that is one reason your flap seems that it didn't felt as much. But you also need to remember that the flap needs to be narrower than the width of the purse. Or you would need to knit on more than twice the number of stitches used in the flap. You need to allow a few stitches that will be used up in the width of the bag, and this will vary. Draw it out on paper and you will see what I mean.

    Yes, sometimes felting is unpredictable, but fun nonetheless. Even your sample swatch can give you incorrect results. Exciting all!


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