eBay Purchase

I was excited at that my eBay purchase was in the mail today.

The cost of yarn: $.01
The cost of shipping: $5.99

I would not say I got a great deal, but I don't feel ripped off either. The seller is in China, so I had to wait a couple of week to get this.

My issue is with the fact that I think I am going to have to hand wash this. I might be able to felt this. But because the yarn is so fine, I am not sure how it would work out for other projects.

I am thinking I will either make socks or a scarf with this yarn.


  1. "I might be able to felt this."
    Sorry, no. The label says bamboo and cotton, neither fiber will felt. You need a large percentage of wool to felt.

  2. It is machine washable. the little washtub with the 40 in it means warm water washable. If the tub would have had a hand in it, it would have been hand wash. However, you shouldn't put it in the dryer. The square with a circle is for dryer, the X through it means don't ues a dryer - dry flat, like the square with a flat line in it.


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