Started a Baby Tube Sock

It is about time a actually did a post about socks. I only bought one skein of Patons Stretch Sock Yarn . I did only buy one because I did intent to make a pair of socks for my grandson and have the socks done by Christmas. It did not work out that way. I thought about using this yarn with some pink Crystal Palace Maizy yarn I won in a contest to make a domino sock. In the end I went back to my original plan of making tube socks. This also give me the opportunity to use a stitch counter I downloaded to my iTouch to help keep track of rows when it comes time to make the second sock. I usually incorporate patterns in my sock to help me created the second sock. It is much easier to count the pattern than rows. Many times I get yarn that has beautiful colors that get lost in the pattern. Also the pattern gets lost in the colors.