The First Farmer's Market

I am happy on how I did on the first farmer's market of the season. The farmer's market is located in Mazomanie, WI, which is about 25 miles west of Madison WI. I at least made enough today to pay for the table fee's for this month.

Here are pics of some of the stuff I sold:

I sold the pink purse to a little girl who immediately fell in love with the it.

I had someone looks at hats I had that might fit the America Girl doll. I really did not have any, so next week I will be prepared with this hat:

I also sold a pair of baby socks today, I am in the process of making a baby version of my domino socks. It is almost the exactly same pattern except I used fingering weight yarn and a size B hook:

I hope to have continued success over the summer.


  1. Glad you recovered your investment, Julie. :) :) :) Doll hat seems like a good idea. God's best.

  2. Congrats! Is it weekly, or monthly? I told you it'd be just fine. =D


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