Pattern for Domino Dishcloth

Here is my pattern for the domino dishcloth.
With worsted weight cotton yarn and size G hook, ch 8 and form a ring

22 sc in ring, join with first sc

Row 1:

ch1, sc in the next 5 sc, 3 sc in the next sc, sc in the next 5 sc, ch1, turn

Row 2:

sc in the next 6, 3 sc in the next sc, sc in the next 6 sc.

Row 3:

sc in the next 7, 3 sc in the next sc, sc in the next 7 sc

Continue on in this matter until you have 26 sc, with 3 sc in the middle, on each size, or until you have the desired size.

For the border, sc evenly around the the dishcloth, with 3 sc in the corners.

The next round starting a corner, sc in the corner, *ch 3, sk next sc, sc in next sc* repeat around, join with beginning sc.


  1. This is so cute! It's the most original dishcloth I've ever seen, and I'm grateful you posted the pattern. Definitely going to try it.

  2. Wonderful design!! Is it ok with you to make several to sell at craft fairs?

  3. It is o.k. to make and sell at craft fairs.


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