Commissioned to make a sock

I have been asked to make a really pair of long socks. I am really excited about this project as this would be my first commissioned project. My client had picked out a color she really liked from a pair of sock I had for sale at the market. She liked the pattern on the foot part of the sock which is crocheted. For the leg portion of the sock she liked the kitted ribbed pattern from another pair of socks I had on sale. So far I have ordered the yarn from Knit Picks and have make up a sample of the sock with some of the sock yarn I had left over.

While I am waiting on my yarn I have been working on small projects. So far I am in the process of making up some baby socks using worst weight yarn. 24 stitches and size 5 needles = socks made up in a day :)

The pattern stitch used on the leg and top of the foot is:

Rows 1-2: *K1, P2*
Row 3 and 6: K
Row 4-5: *P1,K2*