Second Sock Finished and New Sock Started

I finished the second domino sock. The first sock is on the right and the second sock is on the left. I really like these socks. I have not decided on what to do with the socks. I can either keep them for myself, sell them in my neighbor's store, or give them away as a Christmas Gift. I am leaning toward selling them. I got the yarn on clearance for under $4 for the 100 gram ball. If I do this pattern again, next time I will use a self stripping yarn for the domino squares and use a single matching color for rest of the sock.

I started working on a crocheted sock, It looks like it will end up being a child's sock, so far I had a hard time getting this sock around my ankle/heel. I am also in the process of putting up Christmas decorations, I notice that a Jelly Belly candy cane closely resembles the color of the socks I am working on. The scanner does not show how close the colors really are.


  1. I think I mentioned before how much I like the Domino's socks but I really do love the new one you started


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