The Towel and Hat

First up I have a towel. There isn't a pattern for this. I used a wavy stitch pattern found in a crochet pattern book. Once I found it long enough, I finished it off. I reattached the yarn back at the beginning edge and put a row of sc in every other stitch. the next few rows I decreased every other stitch until I down to four stitches. Did about 10 more rows. did a row of sc, ch2, sc, and the last of row of 4 sc.

Next up I have a baby hat I made out of left over sock yarn.

How I made this up hat:
With a size e hook, ch 36

Row 1:
Sc in second chain from hook, sc in every stitch across. Ch 1, turn

Row 2:
sc across, ch1, turn

Row 3:
sc in the next 30 stitches, ch1, turn. leave remaining 5 sc unworked.

Row 4:
Sc across, ch1, turn

Row 5:

sc in the next 29 sc, insert hook in next sc and draw up a loop, insert hook in side of row 4 and draw a loop, YO and draw through all 3 loops. sc in the next 5 sc from row 2.

I repeated rows 2-5 until I ran out of yarn, which turned out to be about the right size for a baby hat, then I sewed up the side seem.