It is the Holiday Season In Our Kitchen

Why is the David cooking so many goodies? he has got cream cheese mints and peanut butter balls going on in the kitchen, and he is making enough to feed an army. I wonder what else he would have cooked off before he goes into work.

Now I show what I have been working on. I am still ongoing with the second crocheted/knitted sock. I also got a headband done. I experimented with a basic shell pattern and incorporated front and back post DC's.

I also did another wreath. I am not that happy on how this one turned out. I had a problem with a previous wreath with it the wreath being thicker at a portion on the wreath. I thought the problem was that I did not have an even amount of sc's going around the wreath. I tried to solve this with the second wreath, but I still had the same problem. Plus using pipe cleaners did not create a sturdy circle so my wreath is not as stable for hanging. Next time I will use a sturdier circle, like a wire hanger, for my wreath.

Finally I made a knitted windmill dishcloth. I think this will make a good Christmas present for some who likes the color pink.


  1. Tell him to send some tasty Christmasy treats! (Also: Tell David we shall bring two cheesecakes in January! <3)

    I love the dishcloth. Too adorable. <3


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