Shelled Crocheted and Knitted Sock

When I started to work on this sock, it was a little small, I could not get the sock around the ankle. I pressed on and was just going to make it a child's sock. However I changed my mind and made it big enough to go around my ankle. Then while I was making this sock, I was thinking about how knitted socks are more comfortable with shoes. So I decided to knit the foot part of the sock.

This sock is made with Knit Picks Stroll yarn.

I think I got Knit Picks attention with these socks, I replied to a tweet and told them about these socks. It appears that they love them and may show up in their blogging community.


  1. What a great idea! I agree, the smalled knitted stitches feel better in shoes, and the crochet top will stay up better I think. Congratulations on getting KnitPicks attention. I am sure we will see more ideas from you.

  2. Wow - Love the way the sock turned out :) Great idea, great job!!

  3. Beautiful!! I'm curious as to what size crochet hook you used. The designer in me is already thinking up other ways to combine crochet and knitting for socks! :o)


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