Shopping at The Cat and Crow

I was quite surprised yesterday that a couple of my socks finally sold at my neighbor's store, Three Laurels. So I decided today that I was going to use the money from the sales of these socks and some Christmas money I had to by some more yarn. I have wanting for a while to check out a local yarn shop called The Cat and Crow.
I always enjoy looking at unique yarns that you only really find at a LYS, unfortunately it usually means paying more for yarn. Armed with only about $40, I knew I was only going to walk away with only two (maybe three if I found a sale) skeins of yarn. I did walk away with some Banana Silk Yarn from Frabjous Fibers and a skein of hand dyed yarn from Farmhouse Yarns. The banana silk yarn is going to be used to make a knitted purse. I saw an example of the purse in the store, the pattern is called Okranana.
Pictured is the start of of a Queen Anna scarf using the hand dyed yarn I bought today. I am putting off the sock I was working on to do this scarf. I might put the scarf up for sale, it would mean charging $40 - $50 for the scarf because the yarn was $22.00 before tax. The is a lot of yarn in this skein, 450 yards. Maybe I can get more than one project out of it.


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