Fiber Arts Friday

Happy Fiber Arts Friday! This morning I was in in the mood to make some simple crocheted socks. The pattern I am using is one of my favorite. I had three skeins of a purple/pinkish yarn and thought it would look great as a sock. I bought two skeins of yarn on sale while visiting my daughter in Lawrence KS. I bought them at the Yarn Barn. I was hoping they would wind them up in a ball for me, but because the yarn was on sale they would not do it. My past experience with unwinding yarn has not been a pleasant one, but for the first time I wrapped the yarn around two kitchen chairs. I was glad that I did not have any issues winding the yarn into a ball, overall it was pretty painless.

So the pattern I am using can be found here. I is my all time favorite for quick and easy socks. I do have to modify it a bit for me. If I follow the original pattern, it turns out too wide for me.

Other projects I finished up this week includes a knitted shrug and a pair of crocheted shell socks. You can check out photos from my earlier blog postsLink