Finished Pineapple Socks

I am currently listening to a podcast. It is Bible study podcast about Peter. I applied for a job at Google. I don't think I am going to pursue it, it is located out at San Francisco CA. It looks like we are going to move to Lincoln NE. I got a "canned" letter back from Google stating that they will contact me if there is a need for me. But in this "canned"letter is a link to check out Google Labs. So I am currently checking out Google Scribe. It is kind of weird that this article is writing itself for me. It can be a pain in the neck that Scribe is predicting what to write, but it can be cool once you get used to it.

So I did finish a project today, it is my Pineapple Socks. My pattern is for the pineapple pattern, I have not yet included a heel or toe yet in the socks. At some point I might write a new pattern for the Pineapple Socks.

In other news, I think we just won a free cruise.Free round trip airfare to either Miami or Cape Canaveral. to include a three day Cruise. I am suspicious because I never entered for the event and a phone call came over my work phone. But I will think about calling the toll free number and see if it is not a scan. As cruise would be nice....