Happy Fiber Arts Friday

One of my most popular patterns is the Pineapple sock pattern. My original pattern did not include a toe or a heel. I did make my current socks to include a toe and a heel. I like how these socks are turning out. The only complaint I have is the pattern is getting lost in the the multi-colored yarn.

I also experimented with a reversible cable. It took me a couple attempts to come up with a reversible honeycombed pattern.

This week I came up with the idea to add a donation button. I want to keep my patterns free, but I would like a donation for all the work I put into writing patterns over the past three years.

I started posting recipes lately in my other blog. This I put up a list of recipes I have added so far to make it it easier to reference a recipe I want to make. My husband made some granola bars a few days ago and they turned pretty good. The original recipe and what my husband did to change it up can be found here. I hope everyone has a good weekend and Happy Fiber Arts Friday.