Hyperbolic Scarf Pattern

I did some experimenting with a hyperbolic design and came up with this really cute scarf. So now I am sharing my pattern for this scarf. I used worsted wight yarn and a G hook. This could work out equally well with a larger hook. I am in the process of moving and I packed away my larger hooks. I also used a long single crochet stitch. So a long single crochet (LSC) = insert hook in stitch,YO a draw a loop, YO and draw a loop, YO and draw 2 loop. Row 1: ch 4. 3 LSC in each of the next 3 chains, ch1, turn Row 2: 3 LSC in the back loops of each LSC, ch1, turn Row 3: 3 LSC in the back loops of the next 3 LSC, leaving the remaining LSC un-worked, ch1, turn Repeat rows 2 and 3, until you have the desired length, ending with row 2. Finish off.