Hybrid Slipper Socks

 I do like it when a vision becomes a reality. I made these hybrid knit and crocheted slipper socks. The top of the sock is crocheted net pattern  and the rest is knitted. Now I am going to try to explain how I made them.
 I used "I Love This Yarn" and I THNK a size 8 circular needles. I casted on 40 stitches and did 10 rounds of K2P2 using the Magic Loop method.

Then I bind off 20 stitches and did a short row heel.
 Then I did 40 row of stockinette stitch for the bottom of the foot, beginning each row with slip 1.

Then did another shot row heel to form the toe
 I binded off the remaining 20 stitches using F crochet hook

To start the crocheted part, *ch 5, skip the next 4 stitches, sc in next stitch*  Repeat this 3 more times. [Do 3 sc up along the side of the sock. *Ch 5, sc in next ch 5 loop* repeat 3 more times] Repeat what is in the brackets until you are at the last 3 (I had two left on one side)stitches of the side of the foot
To join the net with the cuff,  3 sc along the side of sock, *ch 2, skip 4 stitches on the cuff and sc in the next stitch, ch 2, sc in ch5 space* repeat until end. Finish off.


  1. So, under the net on the top, it's just empty?

  2. How is that supposed to keep your foot warm? Do you wear a regular sock under it?

  3. It is more of a novelty sock. But it does work ok for keeping feet warm.

  4. For those of us with cold floors this is great.


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