Crocheted Hat

I have been doing hats lately, this one is a crocheted hat. I did not follow a pattern for this, this hat may have to be next on my list of patterns to do.  I have made many hats over the past month, many of these hats are going to be Christmas gifts. I have spent most of the morning going over the projects I made over the past years deciding who is going to get what for Christmas. It was like shopping in my project stash, without the having to deal with the crowded malls.

And speaking of malls, we ended up in Omaha, NE today and went to  Crossroads Mall. We have not been there in years, and we were surprised to find for the most part it was a ghost town. A lot of the shops, to include the Food Court was shut down. Three major stores (Target, Barnes and Nobles, and Sears) were there. A few shops were still in the mall, but for the most part, the mall seemed abandoned.  I was kind of sad since I use to shop there a lot when I lived in near Offutt Air Force Base.