Saturdays Egg And I Have Four Blogs

So here is is, my egg for today. I was over at Micheal's and end buying some yarn. My egg is the Bernat Baby Jacquards. The yarn is in blues and greens, but I only go the blue color in the egg.
I also started a scarf with this yarn, A preview is in the photo below, you will have to stay tuned for the final result.

I have a black and white photo up of one of my three cats. You can check out more photos on my cat blog, Kitty Par-TAY.

This was our dinner last night, My husband created Crab Rolls, soon we should have a recipe up on my food blog,
Just Winging It.

This picture of the tree will show up with other pictures of a Disc Golf course on the Wordless blog  as part of Wordless Wednesday,