Pom-Pom Scarf Pattern

So I am sharing with you my chained net Pom-Pom scarf. I found that this net pattern makes it softer.

A thing to remember is that you work around the pom-pom.


2-3 skeins of pom-pom yarn (I used 2 skeins and my scarf is 48 inches long)
I have used Loops and Threads Pom-Pom
And pictured is Loops and Threads Bunny Tail
Both are 3 oz and 46 yards
crochet hook, about size G (I have also used a size I)

Chain 29
Row 1: slip stitch in 8th stitch from hook.* chain 5, skip 3 stitches, slip stitch in net stitch* repeat until end
Row 2: *chain 5, slip stitch in next chain 5 loop* repeat until end

Repeat row 2 until you run out of yarn.
Finish off, which is a little tricky with this yarn. I used the inch of yarn between the pom-poms, but this might not be the best way.

If you know of a better way to finish off with this yarn, please let me know.

Edit May 29, 2023: I removed the links for the Loops and Thread yarns because they are no longer valid. I had done a video on how to make the scarf. The pom-pom yarn I got from Amazon has larger pom-poms, so I had to adjust how many chains I started. I also had to finish off the ends by sewing with a needle and matching thread.

Here is the video:


  1. Thanks for sharing the pattern, I'll have to have a go with the pom pom yarn in my stash!

  2. That turned out nicely, I have some pompom yarn that i tried knitting with and gave up after finding it to be too much of a pain - I should try crochet, thanks for the idea!

  3. Bet that feels awesome - puffy and soft! I'd be interested to hear if you get any finishing tips. I ran into a similar conundrum with Sashay ribbon yarn.

    1. I found that if I fold the Sashay over and cast on through two thicknesses of the yarn, then I take a yarn needle and a matching yarn and securely attach it to the mettallic border then catch in every row on the raw edge, gather it upand again fasten it off at my cast on edge securely, it has never come apart and is a neat looking start. At the finish I cast off and on the last stitch pull the whole strand Sashay through the stitch, then I trim the end to about 6inch then I take my thread and yarn needle attach firmly at metallic edge and gather uo the raw edge to where I have cast of attaching firmly right through the last stitch. Takes a few minutes but worth the time . I have been knitting ruffle scarves and supporting cancer fundraising by selling them, I have had no complaints only repeat orders, and managed to raise $600.00

  4. This looks so soft and comfy and I love the spring colors. Now I just have to learn how to do it! Krista @ http://ahandfulofeverything.blogspot.com/

  5. How fun!!!!!!


  6. I have two balls of Pompon yarn by Loops and threads. I woulsd like to knit an infinity scarf on circular needles with it, but unfortunately have had no luck obtaining a pattern. Going by the gauge on the yarn band- 6sts + 14rows is 4ins.If I cast on 108 sts would that give me circumference 72ins using 3.5 mm needle. I am wondering if a cowl would be less bulky.


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