Solomon Knot Shawl

The Solomon Knot Shawl is mostly a stash buster, but I did buy the orange Simply Soft yarn because I wanted orange in my shawl. It also turned out way longer than I wanted. I also liked the edge I put on it. It is a variation on my favorite edge.

How I did the edge is:

dc, ch 4, tr in dc just made, dc, in the same stitch as the first dc.


  1. What a colourful scarf! It should brighten up any day :) I've never tried solomon knot, looks very interesting.

  2. I think the solomon knot would be a fun stitch to throw in for some texture. Your Shawl looks lovely. I really like the colors.

  3. Those are great colors! Reminds me of a Granny Square vest my Grama made for me when I was in the 8th grade. Nice job, it looks super toasty.

  4. I like this! The stitch pattern is nice and the yarn you picked is sassy.


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