Happy Fourth of July

Hope everyone is having a Happy 4th of July. So far I have a sore ankle because I stumble at the lake during the fireworks show and our son has car trouble. Oh well, it should not get any worse.

I did take some interesting photos at the fireworks show.
I have a:

Point and shoot camera set at a slower shutter speed and no tripod.

So have a happy and safe Independence Day.


  1. very nice for the Holiday...hope your ankle gets better soon.

  2. Great photos and Happy Independence Day!

  3. Pretty fireworks! Happy 4th of July to you!

  4. I love the unique image your camera created. It looks almost abstract. Stunning and Happy 4th!!

  5. lovely shot!!! happy independance day!

  6. The second shot is particularly nice. You have caught the squiggles so very well!


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