Ribbed Slipper

I made up some slippers using an older pattern from a knitting book as some inspiration. Alternating front and back post dc's are used to make these slippers.  I did not like how the tops of the slippers look. What I did was make one flat piece and gathered one end and sewed up about three inches for the toe and sew up the other end for the heel.

So I have an idea on how I can improve these slippers and maybe post a pattern.


  1. Ah. lovely warm slippers, I will try to knit them one day, just have to add them to the very long list!

  2. Sweet....the strips match up perfectly.

  3. I am a slipper nut! I have a drawer full I wear them all winter long. I have such cold feet. Yours makes me yearn for winter and my cozy toes.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie - The Handmade Homemaker

    Peeking at everyone on Fiber Arts Friday

  4. I know there will be winter. But right now I am sweating my skin off! ;-)


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