Starbella Hat and Scarf

Words can not describe this scarf and hat set. I had used Starbella and I Love This Yarn to make this set. I an not sure if I would personally would wear this myself, but it did turn out cute. I had used a hat pattern I was familiar with and added a row with the the Starbella.


  1. Love your hat & scarf set. I like to use that ruffle yarn as an edging and have made a crochet and a knit scarf version with it. Something different from just knitting or crocheting with the ruffle yarn itself.

  2. I'm always at a loss with ribbon type yarns. The idea of using it as an edging is very interesting. I think my niece would love an edge like that on a poncho or a cardigan :)

  3. Now that is a different way to use ribbon yarn. Never would have thought for a hat.


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