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I usually post finished projects on Instagram before posting it here. So the big project I finally finished is the knitted blue shawl. I started it back in December. I also did some else I rarely so, and that I took a selfie.

 The chevron doily is something I made on evening.
 I made this ruffled scarf using Starbella yarn and some eylash yarn.


  1. Nice shawl.....I have an Instagram account, but rarely use it...

  2. Only follow some photographers on Instagram. Nice work!

  3. Beautiful work, perfect in b&w!
    Happy Easter to you!

  4. Nice work. The blue shawl looks warm. I like the way you show the chevron doily in black and white - the shapes show so well.

  5. Your knitting is beautiful. The blue of the shawl is exquisite and love the detail of the doily.


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