Stocking Cap

I Really did not want to start another project. This hat is my 6th project in the works. It is getting to that time of year to start thinking about Christmas presents.
I had bought I Love This Yarn Fan Pride yarn months ago with this project in mind. The pattern I am using is on the yarn label.
I have a few hats to make, so I felt I needed to get started.


  1. I start Christmas knitting earlier and earlier each year. Can't wait to see your work as you finish up each gift

  2. WOW! it is coming on great and certainly will be ready for Christmas! I have now safely arrived back from 6 weeks away so have LOTS of editing to do!! Thanks for looking in on my posts while I was away and commenting. I appreciate that very much.

  3. I promise myself everyday that I'll start my Christmas knitting, but get sidetracked by other projects. Maybe tomorrow......

  4. That yarn is great. I am looking forward to seeing the finished project.


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