Wavy Knitted Scarf

So this scarf is a new work in progress. It is only a repeat of three rows. I called it a wavy scarf because the pattern does a looks like a might have a wavy feel to it.

So I am sharing the pattern so far..because it really is not finished yet.

Cast on 24.

Row 1: p3. k6. p6, k6. p3
Row 2: k3, p6, k3, p6, k3
Row 3: knit

So that is it so far, just repeat these three rows. The thing I like about this pattern is that it is reversible.
So I am going to keep going on this pattern until I reach 60 inches or run out of yarn, whichever comes first.

Edit Nov 17, 2015:
I did finish this scarf during a 5+ hour ER visit.


  1. Nice color and nice pattern!
    I'm curious to see how it looks when it's finished..

  2. Great pattern! Thanks for sharing.

  3. thanks for your pattern. I have knitted a scarf for charity using the pattern


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