Gift Bags

So there might be those out there wanting to reduce waste and use stuff that is reusable. I recently watched a video about a You Tuber using scrap fabric to wrap her gifts. I think that it would be a little difficult to unwrap gifts that are sewn shut with fabric. (could be hilarious). It got me to thinking about making crochet gift bags. I found the top pattern on Pinterest. It did not get as tall as I wanted it simple because I ran out of red.

So for a second bag I created, I just winged it using a wavy pattern I had in my stich pattern book. I made my base dividable by 8 as the pattern had to be a multiple of eight.

At this point all my gift wrapping in done, except for some gift giving at my church. So in the future I will be making more gift bags not to just reduce some waste, but because these are cute.