OMG It Is Another Hat

Yup, I was sucked into making another hat after watching a You Tube video. I am just like making hats right now, I have a lot. I have also giving these hats away to family and have also donated them. I also have hats on my car's headrests. Someday I will post a photo.

So on with the details about the project.

Yarn: It is bits and pieces of worsted weight scrap yarn. More like Red Heart Super Saver
Hook: 6 mm crochet hook. This hook came in a set I got for Christmas.
The Pattern: It is called Rain Must Fall and it is by Bag-O-Day Crochet and More. It is essentially a row of clusters and a row of single crochet.
Here is where the pattern is found:

Some of the down falls:
I did the bottom of the hat in reverse single crochet stitch or also known as the crab stitch. I ran out of brown at the very end and did it pink. I ran out of every other color I was using on the hat and pink is all I had left. Guess it will add character. The other this is that if you look closely, you can see the "seam" for the beginning and ending of rows. It was mentioned in the video that it was going to happen. However, I have noticed that the stepping up effect happens with multicolored hats.

So now a sneak peak at my big project I have ongoing and need to finish by March:

It is going to be a granny square dress. I came across a tutorial on You Tube. The only problem I see with the dress is that I should of pick a lighter weight yarn. I fell in love with the softness of Latte Cakes at Michaels and wanted it to be part of my dress.  I am afraid that it could be too heavy. I might also might be too hot in this. The plan was to wear it on a cruise we are going on in March (Excited!!!). More on the project later.

That is it for now, thanks for stopping by.