Birthday Gift For Me

I have a birthday coming up and I wanted to get some yarn. Who doesn't want yarn. I have not been to Hobby Lobby of Joann's in a while. I usually go to Michaels because it is close to my house and I have gift cards from my mom for Christmas and my birthday.
So here is my haul from Hobby Lobby.

I got the I Love This yarn to make decorations for my tree around Memorial Day and Fourth of July. I got the Baby Bee Sweet Delight for a shawl I plan on making. I already had some of this yarn on hand, but not enough for a shawl. The yarn was 30% off, I guess Hobby Lobby has yarn sales every other week.
So here is what I got from Joann's, most of what I got it was on clearance
 Not sure what I will do with the pink cotton yarn, maybe a doily or dishcloth.
 The Heat Wave will likely be a hat.
Don't know what I will do with the blanket yarn. I have a couple projects in mind.
 I like the color of the Caron Jumbo yarn

I have already made some fingerless glove with the Basic Stitch yarn, that will be a later post.

I also bought some yarn from Hobbii Yarn. I have never heard of this yarn before watching a You Tube video. I got the Acrylic Lucky bag. I am going to get 500 grams of quality acrylic yarn. I love grab bags. It will be a surprise when the package gets here.