Fan Chevron Cowl using Comfy Cotton Blend by Lion Brand Yarns

My husband and I recently got a gift card from Amazon from a family member for Christmas. The hubby was gracious enough to let use the gift card. His reasoning was that if wanted something he was just going to buy it anyway. So of course, I bought yarn. I also bought some wireless headphone because I needed a new pair. The project I decided to do with newly acquired purchase is a cowl.

The yarn used in this project is Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend. and it is defiantly comfy!
 The pattern stitch I used for the cowl can be found here. It is a video buy Bag-O-Day Crochet. The actual pattern is a Vintage Ripple Rectangular Scarf.  What I did was use the pattern stitch to make the cowl.
Because I had never dealt with this yarn before, I wasn't sure what I was getting into on how big I was going to make the cowl. The patting stitch is a divisible by 9. Using an I hook. I ending up doing a chain of 108, which resulted in 12 repeats of the fan pattern.

I feel reluctant writing out the pattern I did even thought it would be different from the scarf. Just follow the video. It is easy to follow. Because I was working in the round, doing all back loops in the rows indicated in the video will produce a ridged affect. If you want it to look like in the video you will have to alternate between back and front loops. I did it in all back loops and I did like how it turned out.


  1. Your chevron cowl look lovely! And comfy too!

    Happy Tuesday!


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