Ski Mask Made with Red Heart Heat Wave

I felt like I made this hat out of necessity. I found that when I went out for a walk I also needed something around my neck too. I guess I could of used one of the many scarfs I have laying around. I am not sure what I have more of, hats or scarves.  I had called this a ski mask in my title, but the hole is too big for it to be a true ski mask. I see this project more of a hat with a cowl attached.

First let us talk about the yarn. It is the Red Heart Heat Wave yarn. This yarn get warmer when exposed to the sun. The one time I wore this hat, I really could not tell if it did. I am not saying that it doesn't work. I just could not tell. I did feel warm enough around the head and neck, which is what I wanted. One skein of this yarn did make this project.

I had used this pattern I found on Pinterest to make the beanie part:

Click here for the pattern.

I had used a size I crochet hook, I started out with the 10 dc in a ring for the first row, did the increases until I got 60 stitches. At this point the crown measured 6 1/2 inches. Then I worked even until done 14 rows total.

To start the cowl part, I did 35 dc and left the remaining 25 dc unworked. Chain one and turn. Dc 35 stitches, chain 1 and turn. Dc in the 35 stitches, chain 25, and join with the first dc. Dc in each stitch to go back to 60 dc. I did eight more rows of the 60 dc. I also did single crochet around the face hole opening.

So I have never made an actual ski mask, I am not sure I wanted somethin that covered my nose and mouth.   I will definitely using this hat and cowl combo for all my cold weather walking.