Lacy Scarf

I am redoing the Lacy Scarf pattern I did back in May 2012. I am not sure if I ever told the inspiration for this scarf came from a doily book I picked up in Japan. The reason I am redoing this is because I notice that I have the in instructions in a Scrib document. You would have to subscribe to the service to gain access to the document. It would defeat the purpose of me providing you free patterns.

So here is the pattern.. again
Worsted Weight Yarn in this photo it happens to be Latte Cakes.

Size I hook. (Feel free to experiment with different yarn types and hook sizes)

Ch 10, dc in 6th chain from hook until the end

Ch 5, dc in each dc across (repeat 12 times)

Part 1: Ch 2, Insert hook in 5 loops on the side, YO and draw through the loops, YO and draw through 2 loops.

The two side being used for part 2

Part 2: Ch 2, sc in side loop, ch 2, dc in the next 5 dc, ch 5, dc in the next dc, Repeat once.

Part 3: Ch 5, dc across (Repeat 10 times)

 Repeat parts 1-3 until desired scarf length, ending with part 2

Finish off. At this point you don't have to do an edge. It looks good as it is

Or you can add the edge I did.

Stitches for edge:

Beginning Shell: Ch 7, dc in 4th chain from hook, dc is same stitch as beginning stitch

Shell: dc in stitch indicated, ch 3, dc on top of dc just made, dc in same stitch as first dc.

Corner Shell: dc in stitch indicated, ch 3, dc on top of dc just made, dc in same stitch as first dc. ch 3, dc on top of dc just made, dc in same stitch as first dc.

Attach yarn at a chain 5 loop on the corner of the scarf, Start with a Beginning Shell , working up the short end of the scarf, *do an shell in the space before a ch 5 loop, do a shell in the ch 5 loop* Repeat working your way around the curve and working along the long edge of the scarf, When going from a curved arch to the next, place Shell after last loop on curved you are finishing, and before the first loop of the next curved edge.

So repeat this pattern until you turning around the curve, finishing up one long side, working along the other short side reach the corner, At the 5 dc edge, do a corner shell at the corner, a shell at the center of the 5 dc edge, and a shell at the edge of the 5 dc edge. Continue with established pattern of placing shells in space before chain 5 loops and in chain 5 loops until you reach the last 5 dc edge, shell in next dc on, shell in 3rd dc, in the space at the beginning shell, dc, ch 3, dc in top of dc just made, and join with 4th chain of the beginning shell. Finish off.