Beret and Black and White Weekend

I have been lucky enough to have been given a library of Workbasket Magazines.

This magazine could not only have knitting and crochet projects, but other craft related projects like sewing and cooking. This publication is no longer in publication. I can across this beret an knew I had to make it.

First let me put up the black and white photos for The Weekend in Black and White.
Here is the original photo

 I used a G hook like it says in the pattern and I used scraps of worsted weight I had, mostly Simply Soft. I first could not believe that the first five rounds is 2 sc in every stitch. By the end of row 5 it is all scrunched together. The next two rows it increases by twelve stitches (that is what the pattern says, increase 12 evenly). Then 24 rows of even sc. Then alternating rows of decreasing by 12 and even sc until it fits head size. (that is what the instructions say). Then the instruction say to work even for 2 rows and the last row is sc over elastic. I took some liberties and decided to do alternating front post and back post double crochets.
I am going to be honest, It is cute but I don't like how it fits. Maybe doing the front and back post crochet was a bad idea and should of stuck with the pattern and used elastic. I did have some to use. Maybe in the future I will tear out the last few rows and use the elastic. But for now..
I stuffed it and using it for a pillow.


  1. Not my favourite style of headgear, but you did well!

  2. you made a nice hat and the old magazines are great. The BW photo is fun and pretty!
    Have good Weekend, Elke

  3. Funny pictures. it looks like you're taking the lockdown in a good mood.

  4. How fun! Thanks for the smiles! And thank you for joining us at

  5. I love old craft magazines. Looks like you are having fun with yours.

  6. It looks very comfy! I am sure it will keep the head warm and toasty!

    Happy Wednesday!


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