Dolls From Toy Museum and Black and White Weekend

It is time to talk about Dolls from the Toy Museum in Branson. Last month we did an impromptu vacation to Branson after our cruise got cancelled (thank you Coronavirus). I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to get into future projects from the inspirations from the toy museum. This is that post and it might inspire new projects for you too.

First let me put up the black and white photos for The Weekend in Black and White.

I participate usually every week on my other blog, Wordless. The first photo is from the toy museum and send one is the egg holder photo that you might recognize from a previous blog post.

Now on to the dolls...
 Fist up is the same photo as the black and white photo. I immediately fell in love with this dress. I hope to recreate this dress. I got as close as I could so I could see the details in this dress.
 This photo has some cute bonnets and another cute dress.
 I can not tell from the photo if the blue outfit is knitted or if it is crochet or a broomstick lace. I own the contraption that makes broomstick lace, I would have to watch a video to remind me how to do that.

 I like the skirt and apron on this doll, it looks easy enough to make.
 I love this cross book mark, I may have to make one of those, probably as a gift around Christmas time (I will likely forget by then)
 I immediately got excited over a giant Raggedy Ann doll. I would love to recreate her, but maybe not as big

Cute sweater, I am not sure if can recreated the watermelon design.

 I love the tea set. Fun fact about me, I like decorative plates, cups, dishes, and bowls. I just don't have to room to collect these sorts of things. I liked the doily too.
 Finally project is this cute sweater and pant set.

Now I am going  show all the toys I had (maybe you did too) as a kid.

Now I finally leave you with me behind the giant teddy bear and the only warm coat I had on me because I was originally suppose to be vacationing in a warm climate.


  1. There's a lot of inspiration there! I love that blue dress and bonnet.

  2. ces poupées sont tout à fait étranges et un peu effrayantes

  3. Nice collection. Although some dolls give me the creeps.

    Worth a Thousand Words


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