Chevron Net Shawl 2.0

As you can see from the title. This is a second shawl I am making since I made this the first time and made a pattern. The pattern for this shawl is here. It had been almost 6 years since I made the last one. It seems to like that. I will make a project, write out a pattern, and might not come back to again. However,  I looked at my first version and realized I had just the yarn on had to make another one.

 The yarn I used to make this shawl was from the lucky bag I got from Hobbii. If you go back to my post about the yarn, you will notice that gray did not make it into the shawl. I just forgot to grab it. It was buried in the bottom  of my stash. I guess it was meant to be because the gray is going into a pair of socks. More on the socks at a later post.
 The only thing I did different this time is that I did a single crochet border. I did single crochet evenly on the side, put 3 sc in the loops and 3 sc at the tip of the chevron.
 I will apologize now for the unmade bed. Unfortunately,  I don't normally make the bed. Sometimes I do.

Looking good!

Will there be a Chevron Net Shawl 3.0? I don't have a plan for that now. It might be another 6 years before I make another one.

Edit May 9, 2022:  I have a new video out for this shawl, so there is now a Chevron Net Shawl 3.0 in the works.