Circular Net Ornament

I know we are many months away until Christmas, but I made a bunch of these in red, white, and blue for Memorial Day/ Fourth of July.
I had bought a bunch of clear ornaments on clearance at Michaels months ago. I also had bought I Love This Yarn in red, white, and blue, earlier in the year knowing that I was going to make patriotic ornaments for the tree I am leaving up all year around. I have made a few stars made and a few flowers using this yarn.  I like this simple net pattern I came up with and it shows off the clear ornament.

The materials I used for this project is a size F Hook, I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby
2.6 in glass (or any color) ornament

chain 3 ( counts as a dc) and do 11 dc in a magic ring, if you don't know how to do that you could make a chain 3 or 4 ring or ch 4 and do 11 dc in the 1st chain, join with top of chain 3.
Row 1: Chain 4, dc in next dc *ch 1, dc in dc* around, join at 3rd chain of chain 4
Row 2: Chain 5, dc in next dc *ch 2, dc in dc* around, join at 3rd chain of chain 5
Row 3: Chain 6, dc in next dc *ch 3, dc in dc* around, join at 3rd chain of chain 4
Row 4: Repeat row 3
Now put the work around the ornament, you are going to decrease around the ornament. You should also be about 3/4 way up the ornament
Row 5: Repeat row 2
Row 6: Repeat row 1
Row 7: sc in each dc around
Finish off

Some notes: I don't remember what hook size I actually used. I did one is a size G hook and that was definitely too big. I did a size f hook and it worked, but I still feel that it was a little loose. So I might of actually used an E hook. You just might have to try out different hook sizes for you, especially if you are going to work with different yarns. 

This could also a good way to add some character to some colored ornaments.

So here is how my tree currently looks right now.


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