Look to Facebook Groups for Inspiration and Guidance

I belong to several Facebook Groups. They include I Love Crocheting, Crochet Addicts, and Free Crochet Patterns. I belong to a few more, but I mainly follow I Love Crocheting. 

The project below is a corner to corner baby blanket.

The yarn I used is Kia by Loops and Threads. It was on clearance at Michaels and I got three balls. As soon as I saw this yarn I knew I was going to do a corner to corner project. There are many You Tube videos on how to do this, I found a video here
I had planned I doing a border for this blanket, but I as I went along, I thought that it might look better without one.

I posted this picture to the I Love Crocheting group and asked if the project should have a border or leave it off. Majority said to not do a border. So I left it off.

I love these groups. Facebook groups is a good place to ask questions, look for inspiration, to show off your work, and a good place to hang out.


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