Purple Round Ripple

I am in love with this, it turned out really cute.

However I am running into what is the practicality of this blanket. Right now it is on my bed.  
There are many round ripple patterns out there, I printed out the pattern for this years ago. Unfortunately the link no longer works. I have been finding that with many patterns I have printed out in the early 2000's. I rarely print them out anymore and just save them on the web. I gets me to wonder if the link is going to work in the near future when I get around to working on a pattern. 

The yarn I used on this project is the Mainstays basic yarn. I used one skein of pink and purple and two skeins of variegated yarn. I don't remember when I got it. It might have been around Christmas time or part of my birthday haul. It seems that are the two time of the year I get most of my yarn. I believe I used a size H hook. (really don't remember at the time of this posting). 

In the process of looking for an alternate pattern for you, I found the actual pattern I had originally printed out:

I keep forgetting about the Way Back Machine, which has internet archives.

Of course, there are plenty of other round ripple patterns out there, just let Google help you out.

And speaking of other round ripple patterns, check out my Round Granny Ripple pattern:



  1. Very pretty!
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