Blue Scarf

I have left over yarn from a baby jacket project and decided to make a scarf. A made a chain that turned out a little too short for a standard size scarf.  I did single crochet along the chain and I also did it along the other side of the chain. I worked continuously around the scarf and did about 3 increases randomly to give it a round edge. I weaved in a long enough chain in light blue in the center because I had open holes along the foundation chain. It turned out to be a nice fix.

It was a nice way to used some of my left over self striping yarn. 


  1. I can no longer crochet but got so much pleasure from it. I enjoy seeing your work!
    Thanks for sharing at

  2. I never quite had the patience to crochet or knit, but my mother used to do quite a bit of crocheting and she really enjoyed it. Lovely scarf! Enjoy it.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful idea! Something like that would go wonderful on my dresser top. I crochet too! Thank you and have a nice day! hugs Be safe!

  4. "Waste not, want not," the Elders used to say!


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