Are Pocket Shawls a Thing?

It had been a busy week and just wanted to do a quick post on a pocket shawl, which I am getting is a trend and I feel like I had to make one. I did not follow a pattern and just winged it. 

It does look cute, but not sure it I would were it often. I usually don't were shawls, but I enjoy making them.

This shawl has a few of my favorite stitches and a cute border. Pattern stitches include the star stitch and the moss stitch. I hope at some point is to create a pattern that is not going to include a really big pocket.

 Crafting On



  1. Yes, they seem to be a trend and I was thinking of making one too, winging it also, using up some wool. I think I might wear it when it gets coolish in the house. Might be good with winter coat as well for phone and keep hands warm.

  2. I love that! You did a lovely job!
    Thanks for sharing at

  3. cool! very fancy, would be a nice addition to a coat.

  4. You did a terrific job! Pockets are always useful!


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