Made Up My Flower Doily

Every so often I will go back and do a project using a pattern I wrote years ago. This is my Flower Doily  I am glad to say that I did not find (or notice) any errors with the pattern.  This one I did using Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn.  With the doily looking like a flower and the colors do give the doily a spring like vibe.
Here is a small doily/ coaster. I ran out of this purple yarn (don't remember the brand) and ended it after row 4. Turned out to be a cute little coaster.

 So here is the pattern for this doily, end at row 4 if you like to make the smaller coaster:


  1. Arthritis has interfered with my crocheting, but I enjoy seeing yours. Thank you for joining us at

  2. It does look like a spring flower. So pretty. #HomeMattersParty

  3. So sweet. It's always nice to redo an old pattern and find there is no mistakes!


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