Candy Stitch Dishcloth

I recently learned that the stitch I had used to make my Mug Rug and this dishcloth is called the Candy Stitch. I had to ask a Facebook group. I don't know why it is called this. I guess the stitches looks like candy.

This dishcloth is made just like the mug rug. Here is the pattern:

Materials include:
Worsted weight cotton yarn
Size H hook

Candy Stitch (CS): Insert hook in stitch just made and draw up a loop, insert the hook in the next stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through all 3 loop.

chain 24
SC in the second chain from hook, CS along the remaining chains.
Row 1: chain1, SC in the next stitch, CS along the remaining stitches.
Repeat row 1 until you have the desired length.

I just did a border of chain 3, skip 2 stiches or rows, and sc in the next stitch, or row.  However I did take some liberties to make it fit.

You can adapt this to make a blanket or scarf, just be aware that this stitch could make a stiff fabric.

 Will there be a video on this in the near future. Could be.  I should have a new video out soon, it is on my Coaster pattern. Keep tabs on my channel for future videos:

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