Ribbed Slipper Video Tutorial

 My most popular pattern now has a video tutorial. My cats had made it into the intro of this tutorial. I thought about retaking the video, but I thought I would just keep the cats in. Because this slipper pattern is my most popular pattern, I held off making this video until I got use to making videos. I was also thinking about getting more views and subscribers. I made this video thinking that it could get more traffic for the You Tube channel. At the time of this blog post I only have 6 subscribers and 4 watch hours.  I understand that this process is a marathon and not a race

Every time I make these slippers I am amazed on how comfy these slippers are. Including making the pair I made for this video.


  1. We used to have a great aunt that made slippers like these for us and I just LOVED them! They were always a favorite and I would wear them until I wore a hole right through the yarn.


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