Completed Projects Mosaic Monday

 Here are some of my recently completed projects. I already have done blog posts on some of them.

I made the elephant for my grand daughter's first birthday.

I made ears and a tail for my grand daughter. The plan is to put the ears on an existing head band and the tail around a belt.

I made a hat and a coat for her because it does get cold in Nebraska.

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  1. Very cute. i like the little angel...#SundayBest

  2. My mother was very talented with crochet. I wish I had learned from her before it became too difficult. - Margy

  3. My goodness, you have been busy! Thanks for your multiple links to Mosaic Monday!

  4. Hello again from the land of elephants - yours is to be applauded! Congratulations on all your creations!

  5. Well you HAVE been busy!
    Thanks so much for sharing at

  6. Nice pieces. Luv luv that elephant


  7. You have been working very hard! Lots of love has been put into each of these.
    Thank you for taking part in the "My Sunday Best" meme.


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