Pooling Moss Stitch Gift Bag with Mistletoe from Red Heart

 This is a tutorial on how to do the pooling pattern on the moss stitch gift bag. I specifically used Mistletoe from Red Heart for this gift bag. Other pooling yarns are going to require a different stitch count. The Mexicana yarn that I am doing now has 86 stitches for the pooling effect.

Of course, you can make this gift bag without the pooling effect as it is an over guide on making a gift bag.


Mistletoe from Red Heart or other worsted yarn if not color pooling, you may also use a matching yarn for the base and/or drawstring top.

Size hook(s) needed for the right tension to make it pool, I used a size H


yarn needle

Foundation chain: ch 25. 

Work in continuous rounds for the base.

Row 1: 3 sc in the second chain from the hook, sc in each stitch until you reach the last chain, and 3 sc in the last chain (note or mark the first and third sc). Working on the other side of the foundation chain, sc in each stitch.

Row 2: 3 sc in the next stitch, sc in the stitch, 3 sc in the next stitch, sc in each sc until the first sc of the 3 sc group make in the first row. 3 sc in the next stitch, sc in the next stitch, and 3 sc in the next stitch. sc in the remaining stitches, slip stitch in the next stitch. finish off the base. 60 sc

Starting the color pooling pattern or moss stitch pattern.

You are going to increase 8 more stitches in the next round.

Start on the wrong side.

Row 1. Starting at the middle of the end of the bag, also starting close to begging of one of the colors, *sc, ch 1* in that stitch and the next stitch, [skip the next stitch, sc, and ch 1 in the next stitch] repeat until the other end of the bag. *sc, ch 1* in the next stitch 4 times.[skip the next stitch, sc, and ch 1 in the next stitch] Repeat until you reach the last two stitches of the round *sc, ch 1* in the next stitch two times, slip stitch in the beginning sc, ch1, and turn.

NOTE: you should have a total of 68 stitches total, that includes the single crochets and the chain 1's.

Row 2: [*sc, ch 1* in the next ch1 space], repeat around, slip stitch in the beginning sc, ch1, and turn.

Repeat row two until you have the desired height of your bag. 

For the pooling to work, the color of the current sc has to shift over one of the sc 2 rows below. it is something that has to be kept an eye on. Many times I find myself having to change my tension, maybe adding an extra chain, or doing a half-double crochet instead of single crochet to get the colors to add up properly.

For the drawstring band:

Row 1: With the right side facing, *dc, ch 1* in each sc, join with the first dc, ch 1 don't turn

Row 2: sc in the same dc, 3 dc in the next dc, *sc in the next dc, 3 dc in the next dc* join with the first dc, finish off.

Make 2 ties of 100 chains, and leave a tail on each end.

Find the two dc's from row 1 on each end of the bag. There should 16 dc's in between the two ends

Note: The two ends of the drawstring are attached behind the end dc's, keep this in mind when weaving the drawstrings in.

Weave in one of the drawstrings starting at one of the end dc's of the bag. When weaving this in, note that the drawstring is going over the dc at the opposite end, it is where you are going to pull the bag shut.  Secure the drawstring to the bag at the bottom or base of the dc with the two ends from the drawstring. Repeat for the other side,  making sure it is weaved in the opposite and above the other drawstring. Secure the ends of the drawstring at the top of the dc so it doesn't interfere with the other drawstring. To close the bag shut, pull the drawstrings that are going over the two end dc's. Finish off the ends.

You can still use this pattern if you are not using the coloring pooling.

You can start with any number of chains at the foundation to change the size of the bag, the remaining instructions will still work. Just note that in weaving in the drawstring, you should have an even number of dcs between two ends.

Here is the video to go along with the written instructions to help you out.

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