We Did It!

 Our YouTube channel finally got the 4000 watch hours and we are finally monetized!

It took three years, but it finally happened. I have come a long way since my first video. I did mean "Our" and "we" because It could not happen without the viewership from you.

I am still not what the future will hold for the channel and the blog for that manner, I will focus on more content on the YouTube channel and still also write the written patterns here.

There also is the possible of expanding the content to include more knitting and other yarn related content.

On a side note, I recently got a Sentro Knitting Machine. It is only a 40 pin, so it only makes a small hat.

I am excited though to see the capability of making other things other that hats and scarves.

I also started my second annual Christmas In July series, however I feel I haven't shared much Christmas related content, thought I do plan on making a video tutorial on my Popcorn Ornament.

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