Saturday, April 12, 2008

Small Shell Socks

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Edit Feb 8, 2011: I made a toe up version of this sock and can be found here.

I made these small shell socks using Yarn Bee baby yarn I got for Christmas. So here is the pattern:


Fingering yarn
Size C crochet hook

Start at cuff:

Row 1: ch 11, sc 2nd chain hook, sc across, ch 1, turn. 10 sc
Row 2: sc in the back loops across.

Repeat Row two until you have 36 rows or 18 ridges

Shell pattern:

3 sc in stitch indicated

Turn work working along the sides of the sock. Work 18 shells along the 18 ridges in the cuff. Do not join and work in continuous rounds.

Next row: Shell in the middle stitch of first shell made and the remaining 17 shells. Continue this row until you have the desired leg length.


When you are ready to make the heel, ch 1 and turn.

sc in the 1st and 3rd stitch of the next nine shells, ch 1 turn. You should have 18 sc. Sc across, ch 1, turn. Continue until you have completed 8 rows.

Heal turn:

Row 1: sc in the next nine sc, sc next 2tog, sc, ch 1, turn
Row 2: sc in the next 2 sc, sc next 2tog, sc, ch 1, turn
Row 3: sc to the 1 sc before the end of row, sc 3tog in next sc, side of row and sc on the row below, sc in next sc, ch1, turn.
Continue  with row 3 until you have worked all the stitches on the heel, you should have 10 sc.
A visual to help understand row 3.

Gusset and Foot:

Add 9 sc along side of the heel, work in established shell pattern along the top of the foot, add 9 sc along the other side of the heal and sc in the 10 sc along top of the you have 9 shells at the top of the foot and 28 sc for the bottom of foot.

Next five rows:

Sc until two stitches before the shell, sc 2 tog, work the established shell pattern for top of foot, sc 2 tog the next 2 sc after the last shell, continue around in this manner until you have 18 sc on the bottom of the foot.

Continue working the shell pattern for the top of the foot and 18 sc along the bottom of the foot until you have the desired foot length.
Markers may help keeping track of the bottom and top of the foot.


When you are ready to work the toe, end at the 18th sc, just before the shell pattern. Sc in the 1st and 3rd stitch of the next nine shells, you now have 36 sc total.

*sc in the next 7 sc, sc 2 tog* 4 times
*sc in the next 6 sc, sc 2 tog* 4 times
*sc in the next 5 sc, sc 2 tog* 4 times
*sc in the next 4 sc, sc 2 tog* 4 times
*sc in the next 3 sc, sc 2 tog* 4 times
*sc in the next 2 sc, sc 2 tog* 4 times
Finish off

Sew end of the toe, sew up the seam in the cuff, and weave in all ends.


  1. I've been going crazy lately trying to find a simple sock pattern and FINALLY I found your pattern! I've never tried crocheting socks before, but I can't wait to try this one. I knew I bought that extra yarn today for a reason and tomorrow I'm gonna give it a try. Thanks!


  2. I have started crocheting this Small Shell Socks pattern but I am having trouble with the section called Heal Turn. If there is someone who can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. I too am having some trouble understanding the Heel Turn section. Please help.

  4. I updated the heel turn, so it should be easier to understand.

  5. Cool -- I've been wanting to try crocheted sox, and this looks like a great pattern to start on. Thank you!

  6. I have also stopped at the heel turn. It just does not click for me. Please explain so I can continue, because I really like the idea of this crocheted sock. I have self pattern yarn, and so far it looks great. I do not want to stop working on

    1. I have put up a hand drawn diagram that might help.

  7. About how much yarn did you use for the socks?

    1. At the time I made the socks, one skein of the Yarn Bee yarn was enough.

  8. Has anyone actually completed a pair of these socks?
    I still cannot get past the heel turn.

    1. I had trouble with the first pair - just keep working on it and follow directions exactly. I didn't the first time and also didn't understand.

  9. Making these socks is addictive. I made my first pair with a little frogging in the process but after that these are wonderful to make. Guess what everyone on my Christmas list is getting ---- you got it - SOCKS! If at first a person has problem with the gusset and heel don't give up. I LOVE this pattern!!!!

    1. I think the part that is messing me up is in the last row of the heel turn where
      it says sc to the one sc before the end of the row.
      Can anyone help?

    2. Ok - let's see if I can assist you - sc across to the last sc (don't crochet it) and then sc that stitch and the stitch on previous row together. This is what will make the heel evidently be a 90 degree angle.

    3. The last comment is correct.

    4. Thank you so much. If I get stuck on anything else, I will be sure
      to ask for help again!

  10. What size foot does this pattern fit please?

    1. Thanks. But phooey - because I wear size 9, and I would not know how to adjust.

    2. I suggest you try the toe up version of this sock, the link is found in the beginning of this post.

    3. Thanks, Julie. Should I use a size E hook in the toe-up pattern .. in order to fit for a size 9 shoe (foot is actually 10" long)?

    4. With a toe up you could try it on as you go along to see how it fits using a e hook.

    5. Okay. Thanks! I have not made any socks yet!!

  11. Is it necessary to chain 1 between rows when working on the leg part
    of the sock? Pattern does not say.

  12. no, it is done in continuous rounds.

  13. Where can i locate hand diagram? Having trouble with gusset & foot part.