Pattern for the Soft Socks

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Edited May 24, 2011: I am using this pattern and making a pair of baby socks. I have included a photo which shows a betting image of what the pattern looks like. I am also making updates to the heel turn.

I finished up my sock with a super soft sock yarn. Here is the pattern for these socks. The sock is done over 40 stitches so these could be adapted to become a child's sock with smaller needles and thinner yarn:
40 Stitch sock

Cast on 40 stitches: 20 on needle one, 10 on needle 2 and 3:

Pattern Stitch :

Row 1-4: *K3, P1* repeat
Row 5-8: P1,K1*P3,K1* repeat ending with P2

Leg/ cuff:
Do pattern stitch desired leg length
When you are ready to work the heel, turn after finishing on needle 3:

Heal Flap (on needles 2 and 3):
Row 1: Slip 1, Purl, turn
Row 2: Slip 1, Knit, turn (or you can Sl 1, *K1, Sl 1* repeat until end)
Repeat these two rows until you have 18 rows completed
Heal Turn:
S1,P10,P2tog,P1, turn
S1,P4,P2Tog,P1, turn
Continue in this manner until all the stitches are worked.

You should have 12 stitches on the needle

With an empty needle, pick up 10 stitches along heel flap (now needle 3) , continue pattern stitch along needle 1, pick up 10 stitches along other side of heal flap and knit the next 6 stitches (now needle 2), move remaining 6 stitches to needle 3, 16 stitches on needles 2 and 3, 10 stitches in needle 1.

Start the decrease:
Row 1: With needle 3, knit to last three stitches, K2Tog, K1. With needle 1, continue pattern stitch. With needle 2, K1, SSK and K until end
Row 2: Knit on needle 3, continue pattern on needle 1, Knit on needle 2

Repeat these two rows until you have 10 stitches on needles 2 and 3 (40 Total)

Continue row 2 until you have desired foot length, ending on needle 2

To make the toe:
first row:starting with needle 3, K until you get to the last three stitches, K2tog and K the last stitch.On needle one K first stitch,SSK, K until the last three stitches, then K2tog, K. On need two K first stitch, SSK and K until end
Second row:Knit on all three needles
Repeat row one and two until half (20) stitches remain.
Close with Kitchener's stitch.